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Complementary Development Program (CDP)

CDP is a short-term complementary development program that offers a variety of non-credit bearing short training courses to cultivate students’ all-round competences and equip them with knowledge and experiences beyond academic and professional pursuits.


You can find useful information and submit various applications relating to your study at PolyU in this system.

Financial Assistance

First Year Experience

Learning Enhancement Program (LEP)

LEP assists students in achieving their academic goals in their first year.

Mental Health Caring Project (MHCP)

MHCP launches a series of talks, workshops, training programs and exhibitions to promote the general awareness of mental health on campus.

Personal Development Program (PDP)

PDP facilitates students’ personal fulfillment during their university years and also develops further their pathway towards success in the future. Training content includes: creative & critical thinking, learning strategies, time management, love & dating, teamwork, EQ & AQ, stress management and psychological testing.

SPECIAL Programs

SPECIAL is an all-round development program. Students may make use of the SPECIAL Program Search Engine to find programs available for enrolment by specifying relevant search criteria, e.g., SPECIAL domains. The programs are categorized under the SPECIAL Domains focusing on global outlook, interest in local and international affairs, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, life-long learning, ethical considerations, communication and interpersonal skills, cultural appreciation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership, EQ, physical fitness and sportsmanship.

Student Affairs Office

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Walking By Your Side

Counselors in the Student Affairs Office help, listen, support and guide you. Through counseling, they explore ways to overcome hurdles and grow with enhanced self-understanding and self-confidence.